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These motifs for these cushions are based on "Street" designs.


The designs for these cushions come from the old style sailor tattoos which are having a general resurgence amongst younger sailors and men in general. They are made from appliquéd silk on a textured flesh coloured background.

Anchor with Home - click to enlargeRose with Sweet - click to enlargeBluebird with Home - click to enlargeSet of Tattoo Cushions - click to enlarge

Polynesian Tattoo

These take Polynesian tattoo designs as inspiration and are painted silk with a piercing ring.

Polynesian Design with Navel Piercing Ring - click to enlargeDetail of Piercing Ring - click to enlarge


These are inspired by leather biker jackets, with studs, chains and biker motifs. This is made from black leatherette with an appliquéd denim and velvet Union Jack and studs mounted on quilted background.

Union Jack with Studs - click to enlargeDetail of studs on quilted background - click to enlarge

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