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Collaboration for the Chelsea Flower Show

The starting point for the sculpture was a detail from one of my chiffon scarves. We decided that the motif would be taken from the cutwork flower design but the fringe detail would be drawn in around the outside.

Sculture in the Making

The design was water jet cut in three different sizes 10cms, 40cms and 80cms. The 40cms piece was cut in a combination of mild and stainless steel. The mild steel sections would then made to rust giving a variety of surface textures.

Finished Sculptures

The sculpture below left, was taken as the design for the backdrop for the Chelsea stand (see below). Other images show two of the finished sculptures taken from the scarf motif.

Cushions and Fabrics

Drawings were taken at various scales and angles and painted on to calico to give a set of three hangings which were used as a backdrop to the stand. These designs worked so well, we decided to make some up as cushions as well. The cushions too are painted calico which is lightly quilted and stitched. These fabrics are all durable for outside use, making them ideal for use on all types of patio or conservatory furniture.

Details and Close-ups

At the Show

Sculpture shown second row right was a collaboration between Paula (bottom centre) and artist Lorna Dallas-Conte.