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All of the following quilting samples employ the same motif which was either repeated or scaled to suite the quilting technique being used.

English/Wadded Quilting

English quilting is the oldest form of the technique and can be used on dress or in the home. It is traditionally done on a self-coloured fabric, cotton being the most effective. This sample was worked on calico, which was painted with Dylon Colourfun soft fabric paint.

English/Wadded Quilting Sample

Italian Corded Quilting

Traditional Italian quilting designs are based upon pairs of parallel lines through which cord or wool is threaded to make a raised pattern.

Italian Corded Quilting Sample

Trapunto/Stuffed Quilting

Like corded quilting, Trapunto is padded after the stitching is complete, making it particularly suitable for large projects.

It consists of enclosed shapes padded from behind to stand out in relief.

This sample was worked on medium habotai silk and the pattern outlined in silver gutta. Silk paints were applied then the piece stuffed with the type of coloured merino tops normally used in felt making

Trapunto/Stuffed Quilting Sample

Shadow Quilting

Shadow Quilting is worked on transparent fabrics. Strong colours should be used, as they will ultimately be muted by the fabric layer.

English quilting could be used, with a coloured fabric between the layers, or Italian quilting with coloured wool in channels, or Trapunto, using wool or fabric as padding.

Shadow Quilting Sample

Tied Quilting

Tied quilting is a variation of wadded quilting in which the layers of fabric are secured with a knot at spaced out points instead of being stitched.

It can be varied by adding a bead to the knots or the 'tying' done on the right side of the fabric, the ends left longer and tied into bows.

On this sample the ties are done with a bead and a tiny tassel applied at the bottom of the design.

Tied Quilting Sample

Free Machine Quilting

This sample uses vermicelli to quilt space dyed polyester, 2oz wadding and muslin on the back. The stitch has been made quite large in order to keep the fabric soft and flexible. The more stitch that is applied, the stiffer the fabric will become.

Free Machine Quilting Sample

Machine Quilting

This sample uses rows of a decorative pattern stitched in waves using a quilting bar to keep the rows parallel. The fabric used in this sample is much more flexible when folded vertically than horizontally

Machine Quilting Quilting Sample

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