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Distressing & Burning

Distressing & Burning

This sample shows many distressing techniques such as fraying, burning, layering and making holes.

It was created by generally pulling and fraying a piece of shot organza over which was laid scraps of organza and net which had been cut with a pyrography tool.

Distressed Organza Sample

Burning & Melting with a Candle

In general it can be said that manmade fabrics will melt well while natural fabric tend to smolder and then catch fire. This sample shows the way the following fabrics react. Working clockwise round they are polycotton, nylon, acrylic felt, crystal organza and net.

Melted Fabric Samples

Making Holes

In this sample, holes have been created in various fabrics using an ordinary hole punch. It should be noted that the firmer the fabric (so long as it will physically fit in the punch) the more successful the hole. I found that the fine fabric just tended to jam in the punch and tore when forced out. Various beads and sequin waste have also been applied.

The background for this fabric was created by colouring wet polyester with silk paint and while still wet, acetate stencils were laid on top.

Making Holes Sample

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