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Free Machine Stitched Samples

Straight Stitch

This sample came about when I was using cold water dissolvable fabric to trap tiny pieces of fabric onto a backing whilst stitching.

I liked the shiny effect of the soluble fabric on top which blended the colours underneath together and with tiny circles stitched in a metallic thread the finished piece looked like a piece of exotic lizard skin.

The original fabric was used for the base of my box, with the soluble fabric removed and I remade this sample using a piece of clear plastic on top.

Straight Stitch Sample

Swing Stitch

This sample which reminds me of sunflowers, was worked on muslin coloured with silk paints.

Cuts were made in the form of a cross which was stitched around using a small zigzag stitch. This stretched the cuts into holes and a tiny piece of toning velvet placed behind. More stitch was applied in metallic threads.

Swing Stitch Sample

Whip Stitch

Whip stitch is made by having a very tight tension on the top thread which pulls the thread on the bobbin up through the fabric.

The top thread should be stronger than the bottom or it will snap. If it is not possible to get a tight enough tension on the top then it is often recommended to loosen off the bobbin tension, it is wise to have a separate bobbin case when experimenting and mark the original position of the screw with some nail varnish.

This fabric for sample is made with various scraps of fabric laid down on calico and covered with a fine layer of merino tops, the top thread is a green rayon and the bobbin thread, pink metallic.

Whip Stitch Sample

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