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Traditional Hand Stitched Methods

Traditional and Ethnic Stitch

This sample combines cable stitch, cross stitch, blanket stitch, chevron stitch, fly stitch and wheatear stitch to form tiny blocks of pattern.

They are worked in bright 'folk' colours and might be suitable for borders or edges on clothing.

Ethnic Stitch Sample

Shisha Work

This type of embroidery involves stitching small pieces of mirror glass onto the fabric before the surrounding embroidery is worked.

They are considered to be a protection from evil, as any spirit seeing its reflection in one of the mirrors would be terrified and flee!

Shishadur is widespread throughout India, Pakistan and Afghanistan and the accompanying embroidery varies from the geometric style of the North to the free style of the Sind on the Indian ocean.

This sample is worked on polyester treated with Bubble Jet Set with a photocopy of a modern Indian cushion cover

Shisha Work Sample

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