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Hand Stitched Samples

Hand Textured Stitching

This sample shows how a variety of different stitches can produce a textured surface, it includes samples of blanket stitch, French knots bullion stitch, detached chain, wave stitch and fly stitch worked in various weights of thread.

Hand Textured Stiching Sample

Linear Stitches

This group of stitches are also known as outline stitches, and can be used singly to outline shapes, massed together to fill areas, singly and together to create a feeling of movement and direction and randomly to 'draw'.

Some of the most obvious linear stitches are stem stitch, running stitch and couching, however, lots of stitches can be used in a linear way. This sample combines herringbone, fern stitch, French knots, stem stitch, back stitch, running stitch chain stitch and couching in various weights of thread.

Linear Stitch Sample

Norwich Stitch

This sample of 16 blocks of Norwich stitch worked in the three primary colours plus green on canvas gives a woven texture, raised in the centre of the stitch and lower where the 4 corners of the blocks meet. It is worked using four needles in numbered sequence.

Norwich Stitch Sample

Isolated Stitches

This sample shows a variety of isolated stitches grouped tightly together in the centre and becoming more sparse towards the outside. It was intended to look like a tiny firework and combines star stitch, bullion stitch seeding, buttonhole wheels with woven wheels, raised knots and spiders web, all of which are composite stitches.

Isolated Stitches Sample

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