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7822 Creative Sketchbooks

The 7822 Creative Sketchbooks course will run at the Gloscat Cheltenham campus, starting in September 2006 on Fridays 9.30-14.30.

This course is suitable for complete beginners, you are not expected to be a great artist to join in!

You will learn how to develop ideas for presenting work in new and innovative ways. We will be working with a range of materials to explore their use for painting, drawing, stencils, resist, rubbing, printing, and creating pattern. We will develop ideas on your personal theme using drawing, collage, photography/photocopying and use a variety of techniques to construct your own sketchbooks.

The syllabus consists of the following projects:

  • A customised purchased sketchbook interpreting a source or theme of student's own choice
  • A freestanding display book constructed by the student interpreting a second source or theme
  • A portfolio showing basic principles of design, colour, texture, line,
    shape and form.

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