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7822 Bead Needle Weaving

Unfortunately this course is no longer offered. If you are interested in Bead Needle Weaving, please Contact Me for more information on other dayschools.

The 7822 Bead Needle Weaving course will run at the Gloscat Cheltenham campus, starting in September 2003. The course is intended for beginners and those with little or no experience in bead needle weaving.

The syllabus consists of the following projects:

  • A decorative item of bead needle weaving such as headwear,
    body ornaments, pictures, hangings etc.
  • A collection of jewellery comprising 6 sets of necklaces with
    matching earrings.
  • Two amulet purses and a lariat.
  • A folder of work containing notes, samples of beads, stitches and
    findings, articles museums and exhibitions etc.
  • A portfolio showing basic principles of design, colour, texture, line,
    shape and form.

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