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CD Preview City & Guilds Embroidery Part 2

I completed my Part 2 in June 2003 and was nominated for the City & Guilds Medal for Excellence.

Rather than send photographs of work I created a CD which in addition to Course work. covered Assessment Pieces, English Embroidery, Foreign Embroidery, Research for Design and Extended Samples. There are over 200 detailed images of finished work, backup material and sketch book pages included on the CD.

The following images are a small selection from the CD which contains over 200 images.

Please contact me for postage outside the UK.

City & Guilds CD £12.00

Major Research - Angels

Title page for Garden of Eden section in the style of illuminated manuscript
Angel expelling Adam and Eve from The Garden of Eden with apple printing
Gothic angel of the annunciation from Reimes Cathedral with paper feathers
Angels from Coventry Cathedral, drawing without taking pen off the paper

Sketchbook pages and samples

Sketchbook page showing textured wallpaper, used for rubbing with fabric crayon and discharge printing
Sketchbook page showing experimental blackwork on gauze, binliner, and paper with net
General coursework sample showing traditional goldwork

General coursework sample of experimental goldwork

English embroidery

English tapestry of the Middle Ages
Stumpwork of the 17th century and todays samples
Selection of Millenium embroidery projects
One of my three embroiderers, Sue Rangeley

For my foreign embroidery, I studied India, Africa and Italy

Kantha work
Shisha work
Egyptian embroidery
Nigerian indigo dyeing

Extended Samples

Inlaid felt
Leaves bonded onto calico
Handmade paper with trapped flowers
Silk paper with trapped leaves

Assessment pieces

3D Item - Indian Choli Top
Large Scale Item - Hanging from Angel research
Metallic Thread - Embroidery Box
Panel - Three Herb Panels