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Beach - March 2013

A week full of laughter and stitching, here are a couple of comments from participants together with images of their work:-

"I've really enjoyed the week, thanks for your excellent advice, it's been wonderful."

"What a lovely week - you have given me new confidence and inspiration. Thank you."

Click on the thumbnails alongside the day's activities for larger images or view a selection of my sketchbook pages and samples for this course


Visit the local beaches to gain inspiration for the week, followed by lunch in Mevagissy and a bit of design. Drawings by Maggie Smith and Jackie Whitehead, torn paper collage by Fiona Christie.


Natural Dyeing

Using using indigo, cabbage and onion skins for blue, grey, purple and gold dye. Fabrics by Jackie Whitehead and two by Liliane Schindler.


Pebbles and Shells

Fabric painting combined with hand techniques to create pieces based on the circular and spiral shapes of pebbles and shells. Lyn Brooks created Suffolk puffs, Dorset button techniques over shells for her sample. Corina Carey embroidered gathered spirals and Rachel Reeve wrapped shells and stitched them onto a background of machine couched threads.


Pulling, fraying and distressing materials as backgrounds for stitching landscapes or just to mount found objects. Two of Jo Norman's, threads and strips of fabric and wool tops stitched between soluble fabric, the first includes a wrapped shell. Carolyn Webb and Fiona Christie, woven fruit bags.


Free Day for Sightseeing or Stitching

Maybe a trip to the Lost Gardens of Heligan in the morning and working in the afternoon. Images will give you some idea of the studio space.



Creating funny postcards in the style of Donald McGill, postcards were machine stitched with reverse applique. Fiona Christie, Maggie Smith and Rachel Reeve.


Depart with Sketchbooks, Samples and Ideas!

Jackie Whitehead, shell book, Corina Carey Carolyn Webb and Liliane Schindler used hand stitch on their views of the beach. Lyn Brooks revisited insertion stitch to join these indigo tie dyed panels.