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Using sunlight to power our homes and offices is still largely a dream since solar cells remain inefficient and expensive. Studying how plants absorb sunlight during photosynthesis and transform it into the energy they need could help provide clues to building better solar cells.

This design shows one portion of the protein, the complete protein and Wellcome source image is shown left.

The image below shows a sample of how it was anticipated that the background would look when it had been covered in layers of cross stitch and the start of the actual panel, stitched in a variety of threads on a background of pink scollata covered with a layer of organza. The yellow structure was to be applied on completion of the background.

The initial stitch for this group panel was put in by our Federation Chairman Pauline Goddard at the Weston-on-the-Green group meeting on 26th April.

By the end of the project over 1000 people had contributed at least one stitch to this panel, many had volunteered to have the panel for a few days and had added many more. It attended the Carol Service in the Town Hall, summer barbecues at a number of venues, Denman college open day and went on a variety of coach trips as well as making the rounds to group meetings and local WIs!

Design by Michele Tootell

Made by 1000+ members of Diamond, Oxfordshire WI's, friends and families.

Protein Helix

Another portion of the protein is depicted below together with the initial sample where sinnamay has been used to produce a three dimentional twist - this will be covered in blue organza for the final panel

Design by Anne Griffiths

Made by Bodicote WI, Little Compton WI, Over Norton WI and Salford WI.

Below is a detail from the completed panel

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