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HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system. Therefore our immune system cannot kill HIV as it would other viruses, it also mutates very easily, so even once someone has developed an immune response, the virus can mutate to evade it.

A person who has had the HIV infection for several years (10 on average, less in poorer countries) and has become ill with a number of severe illnesses is said to have AIDS. See http://www.avert.org

Virus Design

This design represents a section though the AIDS virus.

The stitched image shows tiny circles of towelling applied to a cotton background to represent the receptors. It is the receptors on viruses which allow them to bind to other cells and gain entry across membranes to them.

Design by Anne Griffiths

Made by East and West Hendred WI and Chilton WI

Repeat Virus Design

HIV can mutate very easily, so once the body has formed an immune response to the virus, it can change enough to stop it being attacked by the immune system. This panel shows four sections of the virus with slight variations in the appearance of each section. The receptors on this panel are made from fimo buttons!

Design by Anne Griffiths

Made by Bloxham WI, Bodicote WI and Over Norton WI.

HIV Crystals

This design was inspired by an image of AZT crystals. This is a drug used to slow down the progression of HIV into Aids. The virus replicates rapidly forming large quantities of the virus, drugs like AZT act by slowing down this replication of the virus and therefore the amounts of the virus present.

The shapes of the crystals were worked using a variety of threads, silks, scrim and cotton and then machine appliqued to the background

Design by Cherwell Valley College.

Made by Sutton Courtenay WI

Protein Coat Design

A virus is essentially made up of proteins and genetic material encased in a protective coat. This coat is comprised of hexagons, pentagons and triangles which are represented in this panel by the use of patchwork techniques.

In the detail sample, the design has been drawn onto cotton using fabric crayons and some machine quilting applied.

Design adapted by Anne Griffiths

Made by Charlton WI.

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